In Italy, VincitTù franchise is having a success over the forecasts because it allows the new traders, even if they aren't experienced in the field, to open a VinciTù room that includes a variety of services in favour of its customers thanks to a firm Know-How aimed at the real differentiation compared with its competitors. The opening of a VinciTù room allows the members an excellent market position since the start-up phase according to the real differentiation standards:
The rooms are all planned by very experienced architects and furnished taking care of all the details, creating a comfortable and enjoyable place.
The shares on the gaming field are the highest both in the national and international market, favouring the VinciTù member when the customer "will have to choose" the room where to improve customer retention.
Games offered by VinciTù allow to acquire and improve customer retention completely.
The gaming possibility in the VinciTù world includes:
Sports bets: Basket, Box, Ski, Tennis, Olympic games, Formula One, Moto GP class, national and international football (including live events)
Skill Games: Poker Texas Hold'em, Bingo, Black Jack, Poker-Cash, online Casinò etc...
Slot machines, VLT and other gaming machines.
The customer loyalty is assured by the gaming account. Indeed, the customer, opening a gaming account, signs a contract with VinciTù that allows him access to VinciTù site and VinciTù room. The room is and will be a point of support for the customer when he wants to recharge his gaming account or play in the rooms on the comfortable Touch-Screens organized with the exclusive VinciTù software

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