The Franchise Master is one of the formula of VinciTù business development in the world
VinciTù gives to a person or a company, called Franchisee Master, the right, in a certain country or in part of it, to double the VinciTù commercial system and develop it in its nation following the features of the Italian VinciTù format
The Franchisee Master has the right to create a franchise net in its country with the VinciTù brand, to recruit franchisee, to give sub-licences for the use of VinciTù brand, to pack from the franchisee the standards and to furnish help services to its own franchisee net
In order to allow the good success of the franchise in the nation of reference, there will be by VinciTù a large formation activity and a steady support for all Franchisee Masters with the contract in the world to equalize them to the commercial success that distinguished VinciTù in Italy
In short….
The Franchisee Master makes a contract of Franchise Master with VinciTù
After having installed a branch in its own country, found good members and got from VinciTù all the operating and managerial know-how still less all the services and technologies, the Franchisee Master, after the suitable advertising and commercial actions, will make franchising contracts with the new entrepreneurs in its country generating a business that doesn’t know any crisis in the world.

Services for the Franchisee Master

Use of “VinciTù-Italian Bookmaker” brand
National exclusive
Security protocols and certification on the safe and correct gaming thanks to the warranty “NO CHEATING”
Assistance in the pre and post opening phase
Formation program aimed to the transferring of the professional, planning and operating know-how
Economical and juridical analyse of the reference country for the application of VinciTù format
Right of sub-signing in its own country some franchise contracts to open VinciTù rooms
Development plan of the net
Translation of the operating manuals and the gaming internet site
Gaming platform Design for the realisation of furniture and technologies of the rooms in VinciTù franchise
Electronic money services and electronic payment systems
International advertising
Pre-opening and post-opening Manuals for the franchise net High fee profiles both for the Franchisee Master and for its own net of members
Permanent assistance

Advantages for the Franchisee Master

Fast Business Expansion
Reduction of business risks thanks to the Know-How moved by VinciTù
Successful operating modes tested and experimented by VinciTù Insertion as Market Leader in a sector that doesn’t know any crisis

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